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Phu Quoc Temples & Pagodas

There are many beautiful temples and pagodas to visit while on Phu Quoc, the most famous being Dinh Cau Temple. In addition to Dinh Cau Temple, Phu Quoc has many more temples and pagodas for you to visit. To make finding the best temples and pagodas easy, we have compiled a list of the most popular among tourists and locals alike.

Dinh Cau Temple

Perched atop an outcropping of rocks, Dinh Cau Temple sits out into the sea. Conveniently located near the Dinh Cau Night Market this is perhaps the easiest temple for visitors to locate. Get here before sundown to go for a swim at the beach next to the temple.

  • Dinh Cau Temple Phu Quoc, Vietnam 1
  • Dinh Cau Temple Phu Quoc, Vietnam 2